Floating Coffin (Album Review)

7/10 Say hello to another awesome stoner prog-rock band from San Fran, CA, USA, and god do they do it well! For those who know already the band that is fronted by John Dwyer, their latest album is somewhat heavier and darker than previous efforts, and the ending track Minotaur is a stellar example of the almost […]

Falmouth’s Vintage Fashion Boom

A vintage fashion boom has bloomed across the UK and the trend has now fully flourished in the Cornish sea-side town of Falmouth Every year hundreds and thousands of fashionista’s eagerly await the arrival of the latest and innovative trends and the hottest looks that grace the catwalks at LFW and M-BFW amongst others. These […]

Gun crime and mental illness in the USA; the bigger picture…

Mass shootings in America are shockingly becoming more and more frequent, and are often linked to mental health issues with little or no evidence. Taya Black questions if a lack of support for those with mental illness is truly the problem that needs addressing in the US, or whether Obama’s campaign to impose stricter gun […]

The Kings of the Beach, Wavves, return with Afraid of Heights (2013 album review)

7/10 Our favourite California stoner Prog-Rockers, Wavves, are back with an album set to chase away the endless winter blues and kick-start the summer with a perfect surfing playlist! Thank fuck! Prep your ears for 40-minutes of fuzzy indie guitar riffs that shit all over the Palma Violets 2002 sound and takes us right back to 1992, echoing […]

Enter Shikari @ Falmouth Princess Pavilions

When Enter Shikari announced that they would be touring earlier this year it got a lot of fans excited for one reason more than any other. This tour was set to be different; this post-hardcore British band had decided to visit smaller venues and towns they had never played before. And so, on Monday 8th April, the […]