Sarah Holiday: Photography student & creator of Thread magazine

Meet Sarah Holiday, a third-year Press & Editorial Photography student at Falmouth University and creator of Thread; a upcoming, innovative fashion magazine for bloggers…

Sarah Holiday: Fashion Photographer & Creator Of Thread Magazine

Sarah Holiday: Fashion Photographer & Creator Of Thread Magazine

For many of us, reaching our final year of study can be a stressful and daunting experience. But who is to say that your last ever assignments shouldn’t be fun and reflect the things that you love most? Sarah Holiday, a third-year Press and Editorial Photography student at Falmouth University, has fought back against the dreaded deadlines by pursuing her love of fashion and has created a unique, blog-inspired magazine called Thread for her final major project.

“Every photography student has to create a final major project as part of their final year and I decided I wanted to create a unique UK-based fashion magazine for mine. The concept behind this magazine is that it’s by the people for the people – just like bloggers! In short, I wanted to create this blogging environment in printed form.”

Inspired by bloggers and street style photography, Sarah originally noticed a significant and exciting gap in the fashion magazine market, allowing for her to experiment with the idea of a completely new magazine concept: “I sensed that there was a change in the fashion world since social media and blogging began; people started listening to bloggers over magazines and I think that that is a substantial change.”

Blogger's seen tweeting away at the front row's during London Fashion Week

Blogger’s tweeting away at the front row’s of London Fashion Week

“We’ve always been inspired by what our friends are wearing but now we have this blogging platform to express ourselves, so do we really need magazines telling us what to wear?… Bloggers have even started taking up front row seats at LFW! So I wanted to create this platform where I could truly give fashion hungry people like me, a voice.”

The innovative concept behind Thread is not the only talking point of this exciting project; the actual design is set to break free from traditional magazine moulds, allowing for the reader to take control.

“The magazine itself will not be like any other as it will feature unbound pages, pull-outs and posters in a box that can then be put on bedroom walls as a fashion forecast. Due to the loose nature of it all, there is no order; the reader essentially becomes their own editor; they choose what they want to read, in what order and they can choose how they use the posters.”

Street-style Fashion shoot for Thread. Photographer: Sarah Holiday, Model: Rosie Wooler

Street-style Fashion shoot for Thread. Photographer: Sarah Holiday, Model: Rosie Wooler

Sarah’s refreshing take on the world of fashion magazines began in October last year and has impressed photographers from Zurich, Holland and Milan so much that they have all contributed to the content of the magazine:

“This magazine has been in progress since October, so there have been a lot of developments on the idea and physicality through to web presence. I’m currently working with a graphic designer, fashion editor, beauty editor, web designer, journalists and other photographers, so it’s a lot of creative heads working together and the ideas so far have been amazing. There’s been a lot of market research, a lot of collaboration, a lot of meetings and a lot of coffee.”

“Photographers from Zurich, Holland, and Milan loved the idea of Thread and were all happy to contribute. I also got in contact with a New York modelling agency to get some photographs released, which was scary, but they thought the magazine sounded really cool, which has been very rewarding!”

Sarah's personal favourite magazine shoot. Model: Rosie Wooler

One of Sarah’s favourite shoots for Thread. Photographer: Sarah Holiday, Model: Rosie Wooler

Whether you claim to know the in’s and out’s of fashion and dress to impress or prefer a casual ‘I just threw this on’ look, fashion has effected us all growing up, and for Sarah, like many of us, her love for this mutli-million dollar industry began when she was just a teenager.

“I was quite self-conscious so I began to think a lot more about the clothes I was wearing and learnt how to dress for my shape properly. After that I just kept looking out for the latest trends and buying suitable clothes. Then when I started doing photography I realised I was drawn to shooting fashion, and was actually better at it than shooting anything else. I absolutely engrossed myself in fashion magazines and photographs, and that is my inspiration for this project.

“My advice for anyone thinking about pursuing a similar project would be too find a niche and work hard to make it happen. You have to know your product inside out and don’t hesitate to get as many people involved as you can, you’ll never know what ideas they can contribute!”

So when it comes to your final year, think fun and creative, like Sarah has done. If Thread has proved anything, it’s that your last ever pieces of uni work do not need to be a chore, but something that can fully showcase your talents and your passions. And if you’re lucky and you have the drive that Sarah has had with Thread, your projects could be the start of something much bigger than a simple piece of university ‘course work’.

(850 words, Written for, all Photographs copyright Sarah Holiday –


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