Black Sabbath Return With 13 (Album Review)

After 35-years, the prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne has returned to front the latest, slightly underwhelming Black Sabbath album, 13, with guitar-legend Tony Iommi and bad-ass bassist Geezer Butler. Although the 3/4 Sabbath reunion has been exciting prospect for metal fans everywhere, and there have been high hopes to revisit the awesome tones heard in Sabbath’s […]

This Is The End (Film Review)

Apocalyptic cheese from Hollywood’s comedy A-listers 3/5 stars Plot:  During an all-star housewarming party, a series of strange, catastrophic events devastate LA and leave friends Rogen, Hill, Baruchel, McBride and Robinson seeking refuge inside James Franco’s house. As the world falls apart outside, the comedians’ friendships are put to the test as they face dwindling […]