Anohni – ‘HOPELESSNESS’ Album Review


Release Date: 6th May 2016

Label: Secretly Canadian

HOPELESSNESS is the radical, glorious and crushing debut solo album from British-American artist Anohni, formerly known as Antony And The Johnsons.


With the help of producers Hudson Mohawk and OPN, Anohni has constructed a monumental piece of work that deals with the atrocities of a post 9/11 America, the catastrophic effect of drone warfare and other radical issues such as global warming and whistle-blowers. The opening visceral protest song, Drone Bomb Me, doesn’t just give you goose bumps whilst you are listen to it, it brings tears to your eyes and is a thought-provoking musical masterpiece… and this is all within the first four minutes!

HOPELESSNESS shatters any illusion of the American Dream, and brings forth hard-hitting political realities that are usually brushed under the rug. It’s not every day you get to hear the words and phrases: “If I killed your Mother/Father/Children with a drone bomb, how would you feel?”, “child molesters” and “mass graves” sung so beautifully and articulated into electronic dance anthems.

No matter which song, each subject matter is unrelenting, whether it’s the perspective of the seven-year-old Afghan orphan singing in Drone Bomb Me, or the dying animals effected by climate change in 4 Degrees. This album has placed Anohni along side other radical pop stars such as M.I.A who purposely ask questions that the mainstream Western world want to avoid. It’s provocative, it’s radical and it’s filled to the brim with riveting sorrow.

This album is not for the faint-hearted and certainly isn’t categorised under easy-listening, however if you want to delve into the insights of this beautiful ecofeminist warrior, listening to HOPELESSNESS is very rewarding and I cannot recommend it enough. It truly is an eye opening, modern, pop-culture masterpiece.

You can listen to Drone Bomb Me on the Soundcloud link below:


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