Pierce The Veil – ‘Misadventures’ Album Review


Release Date: May 13th 2016

Label: Fearless Records

The America Post-Hardcore boys Vic, Mike, Jamie and Tony are finally back with their highly anticipated fourth full studio album, Misadventures and they haven’t disappointed!


Four years after the release of Collide With The Sky, PTV return with a whole new array of distinctively energetic riffs and rich vocals, but clearly are running a tight ship this time around.

The San Diego boys’ sound more polished and more confident than ever. This album hosts everything from an 80’s sounding ballad with Floral and Fading to the Pop-Punk, radio-friendly Circles and even a Pop-Rock Opera of sorts makes an appearance with Bedless. Don’t believe it? Go and listen for yourself!

Other notable songs on the whooping 11-track record include the rousing, anthemic: Today I Saw The Whole World and track no.2 Texas Is Forever is fast, furious and screams out classic Pierce The Veil, which is sure to be a fan favourite.

The wait is over, and the originality seen in Misadventures is sure to be success, propelling the four-piece band forward.

Fancy giving your ears a treat? Click on the link below to explore the tracks from this album yourself:





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