Deap Vally – ‘Femejism’ Album Review


Release Date: 16th September 2016

Label: Nevado Music Inc

The fierce and firey LA duo are back after three years with the fantastic Femejism, and heads up, this album contains some seriously sassy social commentary!


Lindsey Troy (vocals/guitar) and Julie Edwards (drums) who originally met at a crochet class, have returned with an array of stoner metal anthems, prog-rock melodies and dirty blues riffs, picking up where their previous album Sistrionix left off, breathing life into some more fiercely feminist issues.

These ladies are seemingly done with always being pigeon-holed and expected to comment and act in certain ways and the track Smile More is there cool response to casual everyday misogyny.

Other notable tracks on the brilliantly ballsy and gritty album include GonnawannaCritic and Teenage Queen. Definitely a show stopper of an album and a great inspiration to those who want their voices heard.


You can listen to the Smile More, or Deap Vally’s previous album, Sistrionix, on the links below:


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