Warpaint – ‘Heads Up’ Album Review


Release Date: 23rd September 2016

Label: Rough Trade

Heads Up, California’s coolest chicas, Warpaint, are back with their refreshingly fun-loving and free-spirited third album.


The four-piece indie band from L.A. have seemingly ditched the omnipresent dark, brooding, moody tones that have been so distinctive in their previous albums, and have emerged with what seems to be a very relaxed, natural and effortlessly sounding fun record.

These ladies have fine-tuned their sound, they have clearly matured but this is not the be all and end all for the band, they still have plenty of room to explore and develop in the future. You can hear that the band are really jamming together in this record, they are having fun and aren’t taking themselves too seriously. New Song and the self-titled track Heads Up, for example, are both full to the brim with playful disco vibes; it is impossible not to dance about when listening to them. One thing is for sure, the album as a whole is going to be a crowd pleaser at their future live shows. It is more ‘dance-y’ than anything they have done before.

This album is cool and calculated and there are many moments that really highlight the external influences the ladies have utilised for this record. There are clear links in this album to the minimalistic melodies of The XX (Above Control in particular), to exploring the free-spirited nature belonging to iconic bands like Janes Addiction and they have also clearly drawn from their love of Hip Hop seen in the aptly titled Dre.

The Warpaint ladies have successfully changed their sound without you immediately noticing; this album seems to be the product of a very organic evolution from The Fool (2010), and Warpaint (2014) and provides us with an evocative and exciting record.

You can have a listen to Dre and other songs from Heads Up by clicking on the SoundCloud links below:




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